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Luxury Opera Tours Around the Globe Since 2006

We offer unique, exclusive, luxury travel for small groups for opera and the arts, to the most spectacular destinations in the world.

Where would you like to see
your next opera?

Our creative approach to tour design, with a focus on themes such as architecture and literature to augment the performance schedule, the generous inclusion of superb cuisine and wine, and the compassion and expertise of our Tour Directors combine to make us the distinctive alternative for luxury opera travel.


I had no idea what to expect on a group opera tour, but the Sarasota experience fulfilled my greatest hopes. Peter was a wonderful guide/leader/friend and a charming dinner companion. The operas were polished and professional.  I liked all four. 


As your tour to Santa Fe is sold out this year, I plan on going with you next year!

M. & F., Bayreuth 2022

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