Sicily: Palermo, Agrigento, Siracusa & Taormina

April 2020

DATES TBA  With opera in Palermo & Catania, tours of Monreale, Cefalù, The Valley of the Temples, Piazza Armerina, Naxos, Tindari, Catania, Messina and more.


The feedback for our 2016 Sicily tour was overwhelmingly positive, amongst the best we’ve ever received, in spite of this being an itinerary with only a few performances. But the sightseeing, hotels, cuisine and wine, and the focus on la dolce vita that we bring to every tour made it a huge success. 2020 will be even better, with a more relaxed pace and two nights in Siracusa  Breathtaking landscapes, stunning architecture, superb local cuisine and, of course, memorable performances in Palermo and Catania make for a tour that is a perfect balance of cultural enrichment and pure hedonism

In Palermo, we explore the vibrant history of the city and sample some of its renowned cuisine, and we attend a (TBA) at the regal Teatro Massimo. Our base is the stunning Grand Hotel Villa Igiea, with rooms overlooking the Bay of Palermo.

In Agrigento, we stay at the Villa Athena, the only 5-star hotel in the Valley of the Temples, which we explore in all its majesty. In Siracusa, we survey a multitude of Greek and Roman antiquities, view visual art masterpieces (including works by Caravaggio), explore the Island of Ortygia, the Palazzo Bellomo and the Baroque town of Noto, with the glorious Ortea Palace Hotel as our base. 

In Taormina, on Sicily’s Ionian Coast, we will stay at the unforgettable 5-star Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo, with azure ocean views. From here we visit nearby Tindari, Messina, Naxos and Catania, where we also attend a performance.

Full detail available in early January, 2019.